It's not about the last mile.

It’s not about the last mile. It’s about the last 15 miles.

"Cities have a major issue. Too many people move in to them and it gets very crowded. The crowdiness generates heavy congestion which leads to all kinds of planet destroying activities."

"To most people this problem gets painfully visible while enjoying the comfy seatheat in the luxurious SUV alone while not really moving at all. The average speed for cars in Manhattan is 12 km/h. That is slightly slower than horse and carriage that we used for personal transport about 150 years ago. Nuts."

"The number one biggest thing humanity can do to mitigate this ginormous issue is one simple thing. Just use a small vehicle for short trips. That’s it."

"To give a little color. In general, 50% of all trips being made with some kind of vehicle are short (less than 25 km/15 miles). The majority of the short trips are being made in urban areas when people go to and from work during peak hours. Mostly from city close suburbs. The biggest load we put on the congestion system are suburbans bringing their cars to the city centre."

"I encourage everyone that cares for the health of cities and humanity to consider using a small vehicle when travelling short trips in general and going to work in particular. I promise that you’ll never go back."

"Vässla was founded by me when I realized this myself. I solved my own problem. In my case I saved myself 1 full hour every day by commuting with an e-moped instead of public transport. The freedom and predictability that was given to me by this simple decision was profound."

"So if we can push the majority of ourselves to use a small vehicle when going to work, a big chunk of the large-scale problem cities have will be sorted. Congestion will decrease. Air pollution will shrink. Safety will improve. Human city life quality will skyroof. Cities will be brought back to humans. All this lovelyness is produced by a simple decision. Just use a small vehicle for short trips."

It’s not about the last mile. It’s about the last 15 miles.

It’s not about the last mile. It’s about the last 15 miles.

Rickard Bröms - Founder & CEO of Vässla Micromobility.