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Press Release 2022-01-31
The Swedish Vässla Bike is almost the only approved vehicle in a completely new category of vehicles that will be introduced in France in the near future. Now, the efforts will go into launching its subscription model rapidly in one of Europe's biggest markets. “ This is a game changer for us”, says Noa Khamallah, COO and co-founder of Vässla.

France is perhaps the world's leading country when it comes to rapid change of mobility. The city council, capital Paris, Annes Hidalgo has dared to go through with huge changes. Sticking to fossil-powered cars should be a pain point. In the last couple of years, some of the changes made are: abandoning older diesel cars, forbidding traffic on several main streets and implementing speed limits in the whole city center. In addition, 60.000 parking lots in the city center are about to vanish and the plans are to completely forbid transit passages.

Instead, it will be easier to choose healthy and sustainable modes of transportation. All together, the investment has been 250 million euro to encourage bicycling. It has also been highlighted that the plans are to build 180 km of bike lane. The incentive for people to sell their cars is 2600 SEK, to switch to a bike instead, on top, a grant of 525 SEK is offered to repair a bike.

As of now, the French regime has accepted a new category of jurisdiction vehicles - cyclomobile léger. The category consists of light electrical vehicles without pedals. The vehicles should have a top speed of 25 km/h, have a maximum effect of 350W and a maximum weight of 30 kg. There is no requirement to use a helmet or license plate, that decreases the hurdle to use it. The Organization for light electrical vehicles, LEVA-EU, is a bit skeptical. The reason: the new category lacks one important element - type-approved vehicles. However, there is one exception: Vässla Bike. The Swedish vehicle has been described as a mix between a bike, a moped and a scooter.

“This is a game changer for us because we are basically alone in this category. We are also the only operator that offers subscriptions for this type of vehicle!” says Noa Khamallah.

The company will intensify its efforts to launch in France. Khamallah forecasts that they will be offering subscriptions of its Vässla Bike in France “within the next six months”.

Today,the company’s subscription model is available in - besides Stockholm Stockholm- in two European markets: Madrid and Berlin, where two different subscriptions are offered - 30-days ongoing or 6 months term with service and support included. The price tag starts at 79 euro per month. According to the company there has been a growth of 20% per week of small volumes.

“Prior to Netflix, everyone had a dvd-player in their room. People don’t want to own anymore, they want flexibility and service which makes subscription the thing”, says Khamallah.

Preparing for its big launch in France the company is in discussion with several companies within the home delivery industry, among them Foodora.

According to the market research institute Mordor intelligence, the market for e-bikes is worth about 8 billion dollars and is expected to double until 2026. When the same company looked at market shares in 2019, Germany accounted for 38%. France together with The Netherlands share the second place with 11% of the market. Vässla counts on the category where the Vässla Bikes will account for about 1 third of the market in France - with a worth of about 2-3 billion SEK.

France is considered a pioneer within mobility and usually other countries replicate. Sweden has also a need to establish new vehicle categories to combat the debate around kick scooters. Khamallah expects the company to get competition in the new category.

“It’s a big cake and everybody wants to join the party” says Khamallah and continues:

“We are preparing to investigate the new market and expand. We will be ready for the race within 3 weeks. We have found the perfect recipe.”

Are there benefits with being an early entrant to this new market? “Yes, it's a huge benefit. We’ve proven this in three countries. Our brand has been nominated as one with the safest vehicles and we know how we run the operations with my background from Voi and Lime.”

Among the investors in Vässla there are several well known names such as Eequity founder Magnus Wiberg and Patrik Hedelin, Fredrik Österberg, co-founder of Evolution Gaming, and Niclas Nyrensten from Revolution Race. The company has from the start secured over 130 million SEK.