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Vässla Pedal

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What is the maximum weight for riding a Vässla Pedal?
What is the total weight of the Vässla Pedal?
What is the height requirements for riding a Vässla Pedal?
What range can I expect?
How many gears does Vässla Pedal have?
How do I lock my Vässla Pedal?
How do I charge my Pedal?
How is the battery performance in cold weather conditions?
What kind of tires does Vässla Pedal have?
Can I mount a basket and luggage carrier on my Vässla Pedal?
What motor does the Vässla Pedal have?
How much does the battery weigh?
How long should it take to fully charge the Vässla Pedal?
How fast can I go with my Vässla Pedal?
How is the performance of the Vässla Pedal?
How do I turn on the rear light?
Is Vässla Pedal 100% electric?
What functions does the Pedal app have?


The Club

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What is Vässla Club?
What membership can I choose from?
What's included in my membership?
Is there an age limit for subscribing to Vässla Club?
How do I book a test ride?
Do i need to wear helmet?
Can I test ride before subscribing?
What is a difference between the subscription plans, Flex, Pro 6 and Pro 12?
Is there a possibility to buy it straight away for the standard price?
For how long can I subscribe to Vässla?
After my subscription runs out (Pro 6 or Pro12), can I change vehicles?


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How can I get in contact with support?
What happens if my Vässla get stolen?
What should I do if my Vässla needs to get repaired?
If my battery stops working, can I get a new one?
Can I use any lock to lock my Vässla?
How can I prevent my Vässla getting stolen?
Is there a possibility to buy a bike if I like it?
If my subscription is Pro 6, can I change it to Pro 12 and vice-versa?

Payment & cancellation

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When can I cancel my subscription?
How can I cancel my subscription?
How often will I be charged for my subscription?
What happens when my subscription period is finished?
How can I update my payment details?
If I choose a Flex plan, pay the starting fee and cancel , do I need to pay the start fee again if I come back at some point?
Do I pay a fee whenever I cancel my subscription?
What happens if I get fined?
what if I decide that the vehicle does not suit me?